In the saturated market of lighting, especially for LED, there is much false information that has mislead consumers.  At Ovid Lighting Innovations, we are here to change that.  To start we only use 90+ CRI, we phrase it as high colour rendering technology that is standard in every LED we produce.  While the industry has made consumers focus on lumens, many quietly use low quality LED chips with 80 CRI in there products to cut costs.  What is CRI you ask? It stands for Colour Rendering Index, which is how well colours stand out under light.  For example, the higher the CRI in a kitchen or restaurant will give items such as meats and fruits more colour, just like nature intended.  Clothing in retail stores, will now appear just as crisp and vibrant at home, as was seen when purchased in store.  The higher the CRI, the truest colour you’ll see.  

At Ovid, we work hard to package our products using less plastic waste, currently 90% of our product line is plastic waste free, and we have a 2019 goal of being 100% plastic free waste packaging.  Ovid is here to change the way you see light, and do it in a eco sustainable fashion.  We are here to inspire you to bring the beauty of light to your applications.  We offer a variety of fixtures all of which are high colour rendering LED's.