IBIS Puck Lights


The IBIS puck light series adds flexibility with high color rendering technology eliminating blue light, adding colour into your kitchen area, the ultimate dimming experience is included with each complete kit.

  • Light nutrition infused.
  • Multi faceted puck engineered to maximize LED module performance.
  • Opaque white acrylic lens finish provides optical comfort and 110 degree wide beam light distribution.
  • 3 Puck Starter kit includes 24V dimming driver (Lutron PD-5NE ELV + dimmer sold seperatly)
  • High center beam candle output.
  • High colour rendering with OVID anti blue light technology.
  • Unique 58mm cutout
  • Aluminum module tray directs heat away from high color rendering chip.
  • Slim 0.7cm puck design
  • 170 lumens per puck light
  • 3 year OVID PLUS guarantee.
  • Indoor usage only
  • Engineered to block blue light, providing better colour using a high infusion of red (r9) in the colour spectrum.
  • Unique 24V design
  • Bright and vivid in colour 2.2W puck with 90 CRI
  • Available in 3000K and 4000K
  • Shallow design is ideal for limited spaces.
  • For multiple puck lights, combined power must not exceed the max. power rating of transformer. Ex. 25 W transformer can be used with up to
    8 x 2.2 W LED pucks. 
    60 W transformer can be used with up to
    20 x 2.2 W LED pucks. 
    96 W transformer can be used with up to
    32 x 2.2 W LED pucks.
  • Packaged in ZERO plastic waste, leaving a sustainable footprint.
  • Ovid uses suppliers that conduct reasonable due diligence checking with metal suppliers to assure that the materials are not conflict metals (including gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), palladium (Pd) and tin (Sn) from the democratic republic of congo (DRC)



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