Sulmo Ray NOW WITH 95 CRI


The highest performance 3.5" down light on the market with no glare, high color rendering technology eliminating blue light, generation 3 LED diode featuring Soft Glow, the ultimate dimming experience and interchangeable optics for perfect light!

  • Light nutrition infused.
  • High center beam candle output.
  • High colour rendering with OVID anti blue light technology.
  • 3 year OVID PLUS guarantee.
  • Solid metal, rapid-clamping springs.
  • IC and 0.12 CFM airtight, ensuring minimal heat loss and up to 85% greater HVAC efficiency.
  • Interchangeable optics bundled with your choice of 34 degree or 60 degree beams included
  • Regressed design eliminates glare.
  • Engineered to eliminate eye strain and block blue light, providing better sleep and healthy light using a high infusion of red (r9) in the colour spectrum.
  • Die cast aluminum alloy for optimal heat dissipation.
  • Oil based spray painted with scratch resistance.
  • Shallow 3" design is ideal for limited ceiling spaces.
  • Packaged in ZERO plastic waste, leaving a sustainable footprint.
  • Ovid uses suppliers that conduct reasonable due diligence checking with metal suppliers to assure that the materials are not conflict metals (including gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), palladium (Pd) and tin (Sn) from the democratic republic of congo (DRC)


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